Social Media Engagement for Marketing: Tips to Maintain Followers in Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Most people agree that Social Media Engagement is very important for marketing. Marketers nowadays use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to market their products. Many companies use a lot of money to win their brands by using social media. The term of Social Media Engagement is not a new thing: it is a kind of good relationship between two parties, the account owner and his/her followers. Many people have their own definition of Social Media Engagement, but the bottom line is the same, it’s a kind of active communication where the owner of the account communicate well with his/her own social media friends or followers. The leading role in here is of course the account owner—the marketers. Obviously, the marketers should show their dedication, ability to nurture the relationship, and ability to make their friends or followers happy with their brand from time to time. Every established company surely has experts of Social Media Engagement, for those whose company is still small and growing that the owner hasn’t been able to pay the experts yet, the strategies below will help you.

How to Nurture Engagement with Followers in Social Media

  • The company—the brand owner, should be able to start a conversation. They should use nice, friendly, interesting, and inviting greetings that the followers want to bounce back.
  • Enthusiastically and nicely promote your brand without offending competitors. Instead of telling people the competitors’ minuses, just tell the pluses of your product.
  • Don’t be too often to promote your product or your followers will get bored.
  • Know well about the best time when people use their social media and then share your contents. Give likes, comments to people who respond to your posts. Don’t forget to give them the link to your company’s website.
  • You need ultimate patience and enthusiasm to promote your brand and your brand will win the market.

After doing those tips and your brand become more and more famous and beneficial, don’t forget to measure your engagement in social media. The formula is you just divide the amount of likes plus comments plus shares with the total followers, and you will have your engagement rate, Good Luck!